User and Endpoint Security

Next-generation mobile technology is vital for your organization’s digital transformation.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints

Boost your endpoint security while reducing remediation time from days to minutes

In these unprecedented times where many more of your workers are remote, and as malware becomes more evasive, traditional antivirus falls short in protecting your endpoints.

Cisco AMP for Endpoints makes it easy to establish protection, detection, response, and user access coverage to defend against every threat to your endpoints.

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Cisco Duo

Access Security for Everyone, from Any Device, Anywhere

In a rapidly changing environment with zero-day threats becoming increasingly common and bad actors being adept at exploiting these threats, a zero-trust approach to security is essential.

Zero Trust security is a security model that enforces identity verification for every single user and device trying to access resources on a private network. And unlike the legacy approach of ‘trusting’ all users and devices within the network perimeter, the zero-trust approach does not implicitly trust any user/device.

The legacy approach to security no longer works because businesses no longer have all their data in one place and since information is distributed across multiple cloud vendors and on-premises data centers, having one single security control for the entire network is no longer feasible.

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Cisco Email Security

Protect Your Leading Attack Vector from Security Breaches

With the workforce becoming increasingly remote, Email communication is more important than it has ever been. And Email is simultaneously the most important business communication tool and the leading attack vector for security breaches. In fact, Cisco’s Email Cybersecurity Report found that attackers still turn to email as the primary vector for spreading malware.

Cisco Email Security includes advanced threat defense capabilities that detect, block, and remediate threats in incoming email faster. Simultaneously, it protects an organization’s brand, prevents data loss, and secures important information in transit with end-to-end encryption.

““Since phishing is one of the main threat vectors for my industry, Cisco Email Security is critical in assisting with weeding out threats before they reach users’ inboxes””

Senior IT ArchitectMedium Enterprise Industrial Manufacturing Company

Cisco Email Security

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