Hybrid and Multi-Cloud

Deploy next-generation applications across multiple clouds with consistent operations, visibility, and control


is a strategic blend of public cloud storage and traditional on-prem storage, such as a data center.  This approach tends to provide greater control over data locality, which is a critical factor in minimizing latency. It is also a solid choice for data archiving and disaster recovery/business continuity.

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Avoid Vendor lock-in

Cost-performance optimization

Reduce Risk

Increase Flexibility


is when infrastructure spread across more than one public cloud provider, with or without an existing private cloud.

The model of using multiple cloud services to house your business’s functions and features has an impressive list of advantages that can provide security, flexibility, cost-effectiveness and more to increase your business’s efficiency and ensure it stays up and running 24 hours a day.

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Cisco Cloud Services Router 1000V

The Cisco® Cloud Services Router 1000V (CSR 1000V) is a router and network services platform in virtual form factor that is intended for deployment in cloud and virtual data centers. This feature provides enterprises highly secure direct connections from their distributed sites to their cloud-hosted applications, improving application response time and user experience

Cloud Technology

Multicloud Architecture

The key benefit of Cisco SD-WAN public cloud integration is multi-cloud capability. Customers can apply the same policy, security, and other SD-WAN policies everywhere with vManage as a single NMS for all Cisco SD-WAN devices, on-premises, and on multiple clouds. Infrastructure on AWS and Azure can be seamlessly integrated into the SD-WAN fabric.

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Cloud Technology

Cisco Cloud ACI

The Cisco Cloud ACI solution extends the successful capabilities of Cisco ACI in private clouds into public cloud environments.

This solution introduces the Cisco Cloud Application Policy Infrastructure Controller (APIC), which runs natively in public clouds to provide automated connectivity, policy translation, and enhanced visibility of workloads in the public cloud.

This solution brings a suite of capabilities to extend your on-premises data center into true multi-cloud architectures, helping to drive policy and operational consistency regardless of where your applications or data reside.

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