Software-Defined Networking

Take the next step in your intent-based networking journey.
We can add value at every step


Software-Defined Networking

We are now on the threshold of a new era of networking when IT can break with the traditional ways of building and operating networks and embrace a future powered by technologies that can solve these challenges in vastly new ways.

Software-Defined Networking (SDN) is a network architecture approach that enables the network to be intelligently and centrally controlled.

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Software defined networking

Cisco Software-Defined Access

We offer a comprehensive lifecycle of services, including advisory, implementation, optimization, managed, and technical services for the Cisco DNA SD-Access solution. Whether you are in the process of migrating to SD-Access or starting afresh with Cisco DNA, our experts can help accelerate your journey to the digital-ready network.

With proven experience, best practices, innovative tools, and now network context based on Cisco DNA Assurance, our Services can help you move to a secure, automated, and all sensing network while integrating with existing business and IT tools with ease.

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Take the next step in your intent-based networking journey.
We can add value at every step.

SD-Access enhances Cisco DNA with automation, assurance, and greater security. You can now secure your enterprise, mobilize your workforce, engage your customers and simplify your IT operations.

Without the right plan and migration strategy, network transitions can be complex. We can help you explore your Cisco DNA adoption and transition options.

Technoxi SD-Access Services

  • SD-Access Design Our experts identify the required architecture, technology and features early in the life cycle.
  • Segmentation Strategy involves developing a strategic plan for infrastructure segmentation. Our advisors identify critical parameters that define security zones within your environment. We will evaluate infrastructure segmentation design patterns to be incorporated as necessary
  • SD-Access Solution Validation reduces risks and time to value in deploying SD-Access via rapid prototyping and validation in a lab environment
  • SD-Access Migration helps you migrate to SD-Access using a quality- assured process, state-of-the-art tools and proven methodologies
  • SD-Access Advise and Implement Quick Start provides a fixed price, predefined package of planning, design, and implementation support services to help you rapidly deploy and quickly recognize the full value of your SD-Access investment. You can count on us to speed your deployment of SD-Access significantly, while also helping you anticipate and manage the risks associated with transformation.
  • Limited Production Deployment / Demos and Proof of Concept Develop use-case requirements and solution implement and testing
  • Optimization This service provides ongoing optimization of the SD-Access enabled network and applications by maintaining a healthy infrastructure
  • Training Enhance skills with expert instruction on solution operations . We equip your IT staff with SD-Access networking knowledge and training

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