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Next-generation mobile technology is vital for your organization’s digital transformation.

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We are a group of IT geeks based in Dallas, Texas who enjoy what we call geekology – all Cisco technologies actually. Many of us worked at one stage in our careers with Cisco, and have good experience with Cisco products. Many of us are CCIE certified – some are double, triple, and quad CCIEs, with experience ranging from 10 to 25 years in IT, Networking,

Our Services

Our Services

Our experts can devise a strategy to extract maximum
value from your resources.


The Internet of Things, Software-Defined Networking (SDN), intelligent WAN, combined with ever-growing


Increased collaboration provides more stable and exploitable attack vectors for attackers. Understanding and maintaining the protection is crucial


Data center is an infrastructure facility that provides processing, storage, and networking capabilities. The infrastructure rendered by the data centers

Wireless & Mobility

Enterprise Networking

When it comes to enterprise networking, every organization has different needs, and in the era of digital transformation, modern enterprises are relying more on software-driven solutions to power intelligent network architecture, automation and design.

Cisco provides a complete intent-based networking system that is constantly learning, adapting, and using contextual insights to make sure the network continuously responds to dynamic IT and business needs.

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Next-Generation Firewall and IPS

Increased connectivity creates more attack vectors to manage and for attackers to exploit. It is critical to understand and manage the security of your network as an increasingly broad range of customers and partners.

Strengthen Your Network Design

Security Auditing

Vulnerability Assessment

Cisco DNA Architecture

Cisco DNA is a controller-based architecture. Having Cisco DNA Center at its core, Cisco DNA provides the policy, automation, and analytics required to adapt to change, simplify and scale operations,

Technoxi Services

Our experts can help you transition your network to Wi-Fi 6. With a full lifecycle of services and end-to-end expert guidance, we help speed deployment and maximize network performance.

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