These are extremely challenging times that we live in today.


In addition to the constant changes in technology and the threat landscape, we are now in the midst of a global pandemic which has turned life upside down for businesses and consumers around the world.

And with businesses being forced to have their entire workforce work remotely, responding to security threats and data breaches has become significantly more difficult; in what was already a high-stakes cat and mouse game.

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We believe that data is the phenomenon of our time. It is the world’s new natural resource. It is the new basis of competitive advantage, and it is transforming every profession and industry. If all of this is true—even inevitable—then cybercrime, by definition, is the greatest threat to every profession, every industry, every company in the world."

Ginny RomettyChairman, President and CEO - IBM

Remember that Cybercrime affects businesses of all sizes. Contact us today to understand how we can help secure your business against becoming a statistic in next year’s security report!

There is an attack every 39 seconds on average

Hackers create 300,000 pieces of malware daily

46% of web applications have critical vulnerabilities

Since COVID-19, the FBI has reported a 300% increase in reported cybercrimes

$8.64 million

Average total cost of a data breach in the United States, 2020


Breaches caused by malicious attack


Impact on the avg total cost of a data breach due to remote work

$1.52 million

Average total cost of a data breach in terms of lost business


Organizations in 2020 reported an incident due to an unpatched vulnerability

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